The waves of change

Welcome back to Michmoret Emek-Hefer Sailing Club in Israel, where the locals have made every effort to make these a Techno293 European Championships a one to remember. And everyone, competitors, Race Committee, coaches, spectators, will remember the curve-ball the conditions threw our way today.
fter two days of calm sea and light-to-moderate winds, we’d had a forecast of something a touch more demanding in terms of waves for today’s third day of the five scheduled racing days. But we woke to a sight of waves crashing on the harbour exit, not the best for racing, not for Juniors or Youths, and as it turned out, not for anyone. 

Conditions were so big we couldn’t even get out of the harbour, and the Race Committee, in interest of everybody’s safety, took the obvious decision to abandon the day. As far as the official rankings are concerned, that means nothing has changed and the leader boards are as they were yesterday. We still have two days left and the target of twelve may still be met, so stay tuned for more. 

Back in the harbour, it was time for the coaches of the international teams to be thrown in the mixer, almost literally. The afternoon was spent enjoying a series of “coach races”, the kids enjoying watching their mentors falling off in the tough conditions inside the harbour wall.

And everyone was keen to check out the Techno foil-boards on show. Foiling is clearly a very big next thing, judging by the way the kids swarmed round them. Bic/Tahe Outdoors are fore-runners in the field with a production model already available. Michel Quistinic, representing Tahe Outdoors at the event, was very clear on how they perceive the future. Although the name of the manufacturer has changed, this does not effect the stability of the Techno293.

“The change is just to a state of shared ownership. Almost nothing else will change. Don’t worry, we won’t be changing everything. The only possible change is bringing in new products. For the Techno293 OD class nothing will change, except for new board and sail graphics, and an improved boom, that’s all. All the parts stay the same and will be compatible. We give our full support to the Techno293 class, and we thank everyone concerned for making it the biggest windsurfing class in the world.”

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